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His attention turned to airplanes during wwi, when he enlisted in the army and after aerial gunnery training was assigned to. The great war in the air 405 eddie rickenbacker duration. Eddie rickenbacker was an american fighter ace in world war i and medal of honor recipient. Eddie rickenbacker s love of speed started in the form of auto racing. Donald lopez 305 eddie rickenbacker 409 eileen collins 210 francis gary powers. In his comic strip lil abner, al capp included an airplane pilot modeled on rickenbacker. The sensational true story of eddie rickenbacker, americas greatest flying ace at the turn of the twentieth century two new technologies. Here is captain eddie rickenbacker s story, told in his own words, from his racing days at the indianapolis 500. Eddie rickenbacker has lived a fascinating and death defying life as a race car driver, a flying ace, founder of eastern airlines and a government consultant. This book is a chronology of the many aerial combats narrated by rick as he was known by his fellow airmen. Eddie rickenbacker medal of honor recipient youtube. Ostensibly this book is about the trials of being lost at sea by eddie rickenbacker and the crew of the b17 he was being transported during a mission to the south pacific during the early part of ww ii. Rickenbacker is featured as a character in the pilot episode of the science fiction series voyagers. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

That story is definitely there but thats not the whole reason captain rickenbacker tells this story. Xiii, also autographed, that began a friendship that continued until his death. Curtiss episode 405 david lee tex hill episode 406 albert scott crossf. The legends of airpower episode guide includes recaps for every episode from every season and a full list of where you can watch episodes online instantly. His squadron garnered great fame against the german air command in number of kills. Medal of honor recipient, world war i ace pilot eddie rickenbacker, and the airplane that carried him to numerous victories in the skies over europe. Rickenbacker raised the money to buy indianapolis speedway in 1927, where he had raced in the first indianapolis 500 in 1911. Episode 401 george mcgovern episode 402 lorraine zilner rodgers episode 403 james stockdale episode 404 glenn h. This veterans day, learn about one of the air forces early legends, and the airplane that.

I wrote him a letter and he sent me a copy of this book autographed, along with a picture of him in front of his s. Eddie rickenbacker commanded the allied 94th hat in the ring squadron. When i was a young boy, besides my father, eddie rickenbacker was my hero. Book depository books with free delivery worldwide. Here is captain eddie rickenbackers story, told in his own words, from his racing days at the indianapolis 500, to his time as a pilot on the western front in 1918 where he emerged as americas top fighter ace, his postwar career in the airline industry.

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