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Any person discovering irrefutable evidence of god would be famous, but no one ever found a single piece of real evidence. The best arguments for gods existence dont challenge atheists. For example, god is defined as a prayeranswering being, but we know with certainty that the belief in prayer is a superstition. In my opinion, the best proof that god exists is this. There is not one bit of empirical evidence indicating that todays god, nor any other contemporary god, nor any god of the past, exists. The greatest evidence that god exists is the transformed lives of the men and women who have searched for him and have found him and have invited him into their hearts. After all, if god does not exist, there s no reason to be interested in god at all. How to prove that god doesnt exist how can the atheist go the full distance and prove theism false. The one theology book all atheists really should read news the. There is design, such people will admit, but no designer is necessary. Philosophical arguments to prove god exists are woefully ignored. You will see all the proof you need that men created your god, and there is no poof anywhere that any god exists. When atheists say theres no evidence for gods existence. There is absolutely no evidence indicating that god exists.

Moreover, recall that borde, guth, and vilenkin proved that any universe in a state of continuous cosmic expansion cannot be infinite in the past. Although we have been told that faith in god and science cant go hand in hand, the truth is they are closely intertwined with each other. This is the best proof that god exists in my opinion. First, there s no evidence that such a world ensemble exists. Because it would make no sense otherwise, i affirm the following resolution. Opinions on god are everywhere, but answering the question does god exist. Lets agree that there is no empirical evidence showing that god exists. A compelling new work makes the case that most modern arguments against belief are attacking the wrong god. Evidence for god the institute for creation research. Perhaps there is some evidence for god, but surely god could make himself so obvious that no one would question his existence. This thinking, where the plainasday evidence for god s existence rom.

God has never left any physical evidence of his existence on earth. The presence of pervasive evil as an argument for the existence of the supernatural. Although there are some people who profess to be atheists, the bible indicates that there is no such thing. Most people around the world believe that god exists.

Given natural theology, there is at least good circumstantial evidence for god, even if it doesnt prove by itself that god exists. With no enduring evidence that a god exists, there is simply no reason to believe in a deity. Written by a former atheist, this article gives you six clear reasons to conclude that god exists. My belief in god began with a book recommendation my favorite books the young earth by john d. If we think the existence of god is a scientific question, requiring experimental and repeatable evidence, we are likely to conclude that no god exists. The failure to disprove something does not constitute proof of its existence. So the notion that there is no proof for god s existence becomes prevalent in an ungodly society. Highlighting the logical fallacy of if there isnt evidence, then god doesnt exist 2. Yes, the bible provides compelling evidence that god exists. In order to state there is no proof for gods existence, the atheist would have to know all alleged proofs that exist in order to then state that there is no proof for gods existence. Author lee strobel, a former atheist and journalist who attempted to prove that jesus did not resurrect from the dead, said that nonbelievers who see the upcoming the case for christ film will witness real evidence for god. Requiring empirical evidence turns out to be selfdefeating. Not a single shred of scientific evidence directly points to gods existence.

Everyone knows that god exists, even though some may verbally deny it even to themselves. After many months of this, i thought, here are the people who say they believe in god, but no one knows why. After over 40 years of not believing that god exists, i was dared by a christian friend to read a book. He also cohosts the awardwinning television program way of the master, airing in almost 200 countries. Its also known as the argument from first cause, the causal argument, or the argument from existence. Sure their are pieces of writing evidence we have such as the koran or the holy bible, but those are writings and cant be proven 100%, they could even be hoaxes. Is there scientific proof of god or does science prove god does not exist. Ultimately, what we see in human experience, science, logic, and history leads to a confident answer. Motion can only be caused by other forms of motion. The cosmological argument is an argument for the existence of god that says that god is the first cause that created the universe source. First, it utterly lacks historical or archaeological support, and there is overwhelming empirical evidence that refutes it.

The vast majority of believers dont even read theology, and are barely aware of the arguments for god made by sophisticated theologians. First, to prove that god exists, we must look at the sources. Sometimes atheist assert that there is no proof god exists. Why there is no god provides simple, easytounderstand counterpoints to the most popular arguments made for the existence of god. Each of the arguments is briefly stated and then a counter argument is given discussing the fallacies of the original argument.

For this reason the arguments for and against gods existence must be, in the end, philosophical. There is no god thats the conclusion of the celebrated physicist stephen hawking, whose final book is published tuesday. It can be challenging to effectively argue that god does not exist. It is interesting that atheists who refuse to believe in an unseen god, based supposedly on the lack of evidence for his existence, explain away the appearance of design by embracing the existence of an unknown number of other universes for which there is no evidence or even any effect of their evidence. It encourages us to build faith in god, not by blindly believing religious assertions, but by using our power of reason and mental perception. This is important because the latterday saints make such a point about it containing the fullness of. If the hypothesis succeeds in offering a simpler, more powerful, comprehensive explanation that has the best fit with our background knowledge, then this book provides a powerful argument for the existence of god. Arguments why god very probably exists the conversation. Have you ever wondered about what is the scientific evidence for the existence of god there are many people from all walks of life who wonder about the answer to this question.

This experience has convinced them beyond any doubt that god lives and that he lives in their lives each day. There is no hard evidence that god exists evangelism. The existence of god is a subject of debate in the philosophy of religion and popular culture. Not only has god created all things, but also his presence is. Whether god exists is the most important question any person can consider. The burden of proof is always on the person making a claim, especially in cases where the claims are unsupported or unfalsifiable. The only problem is that an atheist cannot logically make that claim. They are sort of peripheral issues to the real core of that topic. It seemed obvious that god was completely fabricated. But the reality is science provides a lot of evidence for the existence of god. For those who have not yet asked god into their heart, god has a. Simple responses to 20 common arguments for the existence of god english edition ebook. We felt like there s a lot of people who are curious about faith and wonder whether there s any real evidence that god. There is a tremendous amount of empirical evidence that god does not exist.

Available on kindle ebook and can be read on any device with the free kindle app. Richard dawkins what are the five best reasons why. Stephen hawking, in his final book, argues there s no possibility of god existing because time didnt exist before the big bang. And there should be evidence for example, this page describes a method that should produce incontrovertible. Millions of believers for thousands of years have searched for god. However, scientific, historical, philosophical, and cultural evidence can all be brought into play when developing a compelling argument that god does not exist.

Secular media and education want you to believe there is no scientific proof of god. Why there is no god simple responses to 20 common arguments for the existence of god by armin navabi this is a short and to the point book. Huge, amazing atrocities like the holocaust and aids occur without any response from god. Reviews of books with scientific evidence that god exists. The lack of evidence seen in the prayer realm acts as evidence that god is imaginary. In my estimation, christianity addresses this issue in a way that no other faith can. However, this letter does not provide concrete evidence for the existence of jesus as a person since it makes no direct mention of jesus of nazareth, nor does it refer to his life. At this point a derivative and far better objection may creep in. Many people have been led to believe its impossible to prove the existence of god, but nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe some people needed to believe in god but clearly there was no proof. There is no god, says stephen hawking in final book cnn. I was surprised to find that there was scientific evidence for the existence of god. After that first book, i found other books with more scientific evidence. Accepting, then, that the god hypothesis is a proper scientific hypothesis whose truth or falsehood is hidden from us only by lack of evidence, what should be our best estimate of the probability that god exists, given the evidence now available.

Well, as long as god is unbound by time and space there is no contradiction. On the other hand, if god does exist, then this is of paramount interest, and our ultimate concern ought to be how to be properly related to this being upon whom we depend moment by moment for our very existence. A wide variety of arguments for and against the existence of god. How an atheist found god why the change what facts led. There s no empirical evidence that empirical evidence is required to rationally believe something. Ray comfort is the founder and ceo of living waters and a bestselling author who has written more than 90 books, including god has a wonderful plan for your life, how to know god exists, and the evidence bible. There remain many mysteries that are beyond science. Evidence that there is no god proof that there is no god. Enter your mobile number or email address below and well send you a link to download the free kindle app. An atheist says that there is no evidence for god by matt slick though the discussion didnt really examine any proofs for god, it dealt more with dans presuppositions and what evidence he would accept as sufficient to show that god exists.

I mean, real evidence that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a god. There s nothing conclusive, nor would i expect there to. There is no definitive physical or archaeological evidence of the existence of jesus. Does god exist six reasons to believe that god is really there. There is no hard, tangible evidence for the existence of love, yet most of us would appeal to our life experience to say that we believe in love. Nowhere is there a case made out to prove that god exists. Nothing unique about the teachings of jesus christ. And yet, not one as ever found any proof that the god of the bible exists. If you were to ask me about my beliefs in god at that time, i would say that there was no god or gods. What is the most rational evidence, if there is any, of.

There is no god thats the conclusion of the celebrated physicist. Stephen hawkings final book says theres no possibility. Second, the book of mormon contains none of the key mormon doctrines. Simple responses to 20 common arguments for the existence of god navabi, armin, hise, nicki on. A universe without god wouldnt exist, and you wouldnt exist either if there was no god. According to pliny, these christiani would meet before daylight and sing hymns with responses to christ as god. Swinburnes classic attempt to apply bayes theorem to the hypothesis god exists is a masterful example of inductive argument. There is practically no scientific proof in this book at all, in fact. So absence of evidence can be evidence of absence, because it shows that god is not doing things he has promised to do.

Almost all of the reasons given as to why there is not a god are not, in fact, reasons. If we regard it as a philosophical question, we are likely to conclude the question is unprovable either way, but we may feel that there is sufficient evidence to justify belief or nonbelief. Mankind does invent gods, but they are permissive and nonjudgmental, not like the god of christianity. If you think about it as a rational person, this lack of evidence is startling. Then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer no kindle device required.

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